Shortlisting schools – Performance

Following on from this we can now look at Performance measures to help our decision. By Performance I mean non-subjective measures which are driven by exam results.

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New Performance measures

The government is introducing new measures to determine Progress and Attainment in schools. These are called Attainment 8 and Progress 8, with the latter being based on the former. The measures fit nicely into the current reforms of qualifications and grading structure, and will make it easier, for parents anyway, to judge the attainment of, and progress by, a school.

They will be fully introduced in 2016, but some schools have opted in for 2015, so the scores are already available on the Government Performance Data site.

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Defining your search area

For Secondary State schools the first step is to find your Local Education Authority (LEA). It is your own LEA which is responsible for providing a school place. If you want to apply for a place at a school which is in a neighbouring LEA, because you live near the border, then you still apply through your own LEA. The neighbouring LEA can’t guarantee to provide you that place so it is advisable (possibly mandatory) to select at least one within your own LEA.

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Posts to come

Some of the future posts planned:

League Tables vs Performance Tables

Creating your own Achievement measurement

Creating a shortlist of schools

State vs Independent

Do I need data?

If you have looked at a League Table then you have used ‘data’.

If you want to create a shortlist, or maybe narrow down your options, then using data is a good choice. It is usually best to go to the source of the data, although sometimes this can be less user-friendly than secondary sites which pass on the source data.

However, data needs to be up-to-date and meaningful, for it to be of use in that process.

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